A couple in their early twenties complain that they have not consummated their marriage so far, despite being married for 2 years.

This is because the wife experiences severe pain in the lower vagina when penetrative intercourse is attempted.

The medical, surgical, family and drug histories of both partners are unremarkable. Nor is there a history of past sexual abuse, or psychological or social difficulties.

Both parties drink only socially, and do not smoke or use recreational drugs.

Select Relevant Investigations
Pelvic Ultrasound


The pelvic ultrasound scan reveals no abnormalities.
Urinalysis + Urine Cultures


The urinalysis is unremarkable, while cultures show no growth.
Serum Testosterone Levels


Serum Testosterone: 42 ng/dL (15 - 70)
Pap Smear Test


The pap smear test is completely normal.

Select Relevant Management
Pelvic Muscle Relaxation Techniques
Gradual Vaginal Dilatation
Avoid Penetrative Intercourse