Even more bleeding

A 28 year old woman presents with dizziness, lightheadedness, and mild exertional dyspnea for two days.

She also experienced an episode of coffee ground vomitus and melena earlier today.

She does not smoke or drink, is not on any drugs, and has an unremarkable medical history.

Select Relevant Investigations
Full Blood Count


WBC/DC: 7,200/mm3
Hb: 4.3 g/dL
Platelets: 280,000/mm3
Upper GI Endoscopy


The esophagus appears normal. There is an active, pulsatile bleeding point in the gastric fundus. No ulcers are seen in the stomach or duodenum.
Renal functions


Urea: 56 mg/dl (0 - 50)
S. Creatinine: 0.5 mg/dl (< 1.5)
Urea:Creatinine Ratio: 112 (<100)


No colonic lesions are identified.

Select Relevant Management
Packed RBCs
Vitamin K
Endoscopic Banding
Beta Blockers