A 3 day old boy presents with jaundice from the 2nd day of life.

He was born via cesarian section at 38 weeks of gestation, following an uncomplicated pregnancy.

His mother is 24 years old, and is in good health.

Select Relevant Investigations
FBC & Blood Film


Hb: 14.2 g/dl
PCV (Hct): 41.4%
Reticulocyte count: 3%

Blood film (picture) : The blood film appears normal, with no evidence of hemolysis.
Serum Bilirubin


Total bilirubin: 19.2 mg/dl
Direct (conjugated) bilirubin: 1.9 mg/dl
Liver transaminases


AST: 24 IU/L (0-40)
ALT: 33 IU/L (0-40)
Thyroid Function tests


TSH: 49.90 mIU/ml (0.9-7.7)
Free T4: 9.65 pg/ml (9-26)

Select Relevant Management
Phototherapy stat
Levothyroxine stat
Radioiodine therapy
IV Immunoglobulin