A 2 year old boy presents with continued bleeding from his mouth, following a fall 5 hours ago.

Close questioning of his mother reveals a history of somewhat prolonged bleeding from immunisation sites, and other sites of minor injury. No medical attention was sought.

There is no history of lethargy, weakness, or pica. His drug and family histories are unremarkable.

Select Relevant Investigations
Full Blood Count


WBC: 7,900/mm3 (6,000 - 17,000)
Hb: 12.3 g/dL (10.5 -13.5)
Hct: 35.4% (33.0 - 39.0)
Platelets: 368,000/mm3 (156,000 - 369,000)
Clotting Profile


PT: 11 sec (10-13)
APTT: 37 sec (24-33)
Hemostasis Factor Assays


vWF Ag: 0.16 U/mL (0.78-1.53)
Ristocetin cofactor activity assay: <0.10 U/mL (0.50-1.50)
Blood Film


The peripheral blood film (blood picture) appears completely normal.

Select Relevant Management
Tranexamic Acid
Iron + Folate
vWF Concentrates