A 55 year old lady complains of worsening dizziness and diplopia for the last 3 weeks, and now is unable to walk steadily. There is no history of trauma, fever, or constitutional symptoms.

Her medical history is unremarkable and she is not on any medications. Both her mother and a maternal aunt were diagnosed with unilateral ovarian malignancies in their mid-50s.

Her diet is balanced, and she does not drink, smoke or use recreational drugs.

Select Relevant Investigations
Contrast MRI Brain


The MRI scan of the brain is completely normal.
Antineuronal Antibodies


Anti-Yo: positive
Anti-Hu: negative.
CT Abdomen & Pelvis


There is a 3.5 x 3 cm multicystic mass involving the right ovary, with thick walls and multiple septae and papillary projections.
The liver, spleen and kidneys appear normal.
There is no evidence of tumorous deposits involving the pelvic walls, peritoneum or other organs.
No free fluid is present.


Pure tone audiometry of both ears only shows mild age related hearing loss.

Select Relevant Management
Oncology Referral
Diagnostic Laparoscopy