A 54 year old man presents with weakness and numbness of his left arm for 8 months.

He also experienced some difficulty in walking, as he felt unbalanced and undexterous.

His medical and family histories are unremarkable. He is not on any medications.

Select Relevant Investigations
X-ray Cervical Spine


The X-ray shows decreased disc heights in the vertebrae C3 to C7, along with bony proliferation of the anterior bodies and articular processes, and varying degrees of foramen compromise.
MRI Cervical Spine


There is cervical spinal stenosis affecting the vertebrae C3 to C7, with compression of the spinal cord
Duplex L/s Subclavian Artery


The color flow duplex scan of the left subclavian artery is completely normal.
Nerve Conduction Studies


Nerve conduction studies of the L/s ulnar and radial nerves are completely normal.

Select Relevant Management
Cervical Laminoplasty
Cervical Immobilization