A 23 year old woman presents with a foul smelling vaginal discharge and mild vulvar itching for three weeks, which worsened during menstruation. There was no lower abdominal pain or fever.

She engages in unprotected sex with a single, regular partner. Their last encounter was a week ago.

She is currently on the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP). Her medical history is unremarkable.

Select Relevant Investigations
Whiff Test


Application of potassium hydroxide (KOH) yields an amine odor.
Wet Mount Microscopy


Microscopy shows motile flagellated organisms and multiple leukocytes. No clue cells are seen.
CT Abdomen


The CT scan of the abdomen appears normal.
Gram Stain


The gram stain shows multiple flagellated organisms and leukocytes. No intracellular diplococci are noted.

Select Relevant Management
Screen Partner
Oral Metronidazole
Topical Antibiotics
Salt Water Bath