A 29 year old primigravida of South Asian origin, in her 24th week of pregnancy, is referred for further management after her 50g 1 hour glucose challenge test result was found to be 146 mg/dL.

The same test performed at 6 weeks gave a result of 124 mg/dL.

Her medical history is unremarkable, but her family history is positive for type 2 diabetes in both parents.

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Her HbA1c level is 6.3%
100g 3hr OGTT


At 0-hours: 101 mg/dL (normal: <95)
At 1 hour: 190 mg/dL (normal: <180)
At 2 hours: 157 mg/dL (normal: <155)
At 3 hours: 140 mg/dL (normal: <140)
Urine Dipstick for Glucose


The dipstick test is positive for glucosuria
Urine protein test


Trace amounts of protein are noted

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Insulin stat
ACE Inhibitors
Monitor Blood Pressure
Deliver at 38 weeks