Quite Rash

A 40 year old man presents with the inability to close both eyes, along with difficulty in speaking with drooling of saliva. There is no history of difficulty in swallowing or hearing, or of weakness elsewhere in the body.

He presented a week ago with a unilateral facial nerve palsy. At that time he was reassured and then discharged on Acyclovir.

Two weeks ago, he experienced a self-limited episode of fever, headache and myalgia which lasted for 3 days. He had returned from a trip to Pennsylvania immediately earlier.

His medical, surgical and family histories are unremarkable. He is not any medications. A full blood count is found to be within normal parameters.

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CT Brain


No abnormalities detected.
Total Lyme Titre


Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA): positive
Western blot: positive
Facial Nerve Biopsy


You realize that a facial nerve biopsy might not be a good idea.
Biopsy Lesion


You realize that a biopsy of the lesion is probably not indicated.

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