A 39-year-old man who is otherwise healthy undergoes a routine health screening. His fasting lipid profile is as follows:

Total cholesterol: 102 mg/dL (< 200)
Triglycerides: 372 mg/dL (< 150)
HDL: 68 mg/dL (> 60)
LDL: 31 mg/dL (< 100)

His father died at the age of 58 from an acute myocardial infarction. There is no family history of inherited dyslipidemias, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome.

He is a firefighter by occupation, with an active lifestyle. He does not smoke, only drinks socially, and is currently not on any medications.

His fasting blood glucose levels are 86 mg/dL (normal: 70-100), on the same routine screen.

Select Relevant Investigations
Ultrasound abdomen


The ultrasound of the abdomen appears normal; there is no evidence of a fatty liver.
Renal profile


The renal profile is within normal parameters.
Liver profile


The liver profile is within normal parameters.
Repeat lipid profile


Total cholesterol: 110 mg/dL (<200)
Triglycerides: 335 mg/dL (<150)
High-density cholesterol: 62 mg/dL (>60)
Low-density cholesterol: 43 mg/dL (<100)

Select Relevant Management
Dietary modifications
Cardiology referral