A 33 year old lady presents in active labor, at the 38th week of her third pregnancy. A recent ultrasound scan showed a fundal placenta and a cephalic presentation.

Two years ago, she underwent a lower segment cesarean section during her second pregnancy, due to a breech presentation.

Suddenly, she begins to complain of severe abdominal pain, which persists between contractions.

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View Cardiotocogram


Baseline FHR: 70 bpm
Multiple decelerations
Multiple, sustained uterine contractions
Ultrasound abdomen


The ultrasound scan shows a linear serrated sonolucency through the anterior uterine wall. The placenta is fundal, and the fetus is in the cephalic presentation.
Full Blood Count


WBC/DC: 10,000/mm3
Hb: 8.7 g/dL
Platelets: 300,000/mm3
Group & Crossmatch


Blood group: A +ve (positive)
2 pints of blood crossmatched

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Emergency LSCS
IV fluids
Emergency forceps delivery
Oxytocin infusion stat