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A 68 year old lady presents with polyuria and polydipsia for the past three months and fever, vomiting and dysuria for the past two days. There was no diarrhea or cough.

She was otherwise well before the onset of this illness, and has no history of diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia.

Her random plasma glucose is 55.55 mmol/l (1000 mg/dl).

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Fasting Plasma Glucose


A fasting plasma glucose assay will be performed tomorrow morning.
Serum Electrolytes


Serum Na+ 134 mEq/l (135 - 145)
Serum K+ 4.0 mEq/l (3.5 - 5.5)
Serum Cl- 107 mEq/l (95 - 105)
Arterial Blood Gases


On room air:
pO2: 96 mmHg (> 70)
pCO2: 35 mmHg (35 - 45)
pH: 7.36 (7.35 - 7.45)
HCO3: 22 mmol/l (22 - 26)
saO2: 99%
Urine Culture


Culture results will be available in three days.
Microscopy : Field full of pus cells.
Gram stain : Gram negative bacilli noted.

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IV Potassium Chloride
0.45% Saline Bolus
IV Insulin Bolus