What is “Prognosis : Your Diagnosis”?

The Prognosis apps are a series of medical educational aids designed for doctors, nurses, medical students, and other healthcare professionals. As of late 2016, they have been downloaded over 5 million times.

The apps provide comprehensive and easily digestible information on various diseases, by simulating real-life clinical scenarios which place the user in the hot seat of clinical decision making.

All case scenarios have been meticulously reviewed by an editorial board consisting of 150+ specialist physicians from around the world.

What our users say

“Brilliant. One of the best apps I have on my phone; it's free, it's providing valuable dialogue and thought provoking cases and it is simply fun. A valuable learning aid for any level.”
“A must have app for medical students and the aspiring physician. I've used this app since I was a student and it remains invaluable to this day. It isn't entertainment or a game as others have said, rather it encourages clinical reasoning and helps doctors develop their clinical acumen, particularly junior doctors who aren't confident in their skills.”
“Tablet Medicine that works! ... as an MD i should get all the answers but i don't, and I like the quick and wide ranging review of things I have not seen for years.”
“A nice app for doctors. Well researched and fabulously presented.”
“Superb app! As an old, experienced RN instructor, I love to challenge myself with these. The app keeps the brain sharp, and ahead of my students!”
“Love this app! Studying for USMLE STEP3 and this is a decent app to take advantage of downtime or travel time etc, when all you have is your phone and you want to do some cases.”

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